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domendos consulting ist ein Wiener Beratungsunternehmen mit Spezialisierung auf die Planung und Umsetzung von Großprojekten. domendos consulting unterstützt seine Kunden komplexe Projekte sicher auf Kurs und punktgenau ins Ziel zu bringen.
Rangdynamik Modell

Rank Dynamics Model

Although every human being is different, the individual individuals in the group behave in the same way. There is always a leader, his followers and a skeptic. The psychoanalyst Raoul Schindler has recorded this in the three positions of his ranking dynamics model. Every person is different and therefore behaves differently. This can be observed particularly well in school classes. There is always a class speaker, also a class clown, a geek, some lazybones and of course the constantly annoying...
Kernaufgaben einer Projektassistenz

Core tasks of Project Assistance

The management of a project with high complexity is in no case a honey lick. The main burden of a project always lies with the project manager, even if his team supports him so well in the handling of work packages. But the project manager can get valuable support from a project assistant. This is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of a professional approach. Regardless of whether the project assistance comes from your own company or is...
Steve Jobs - Die autorisierte Biografie des Apple-Gründers (Walter Isaacson)

Die besten Bücher: erfolgreiche Manager, Sportler, Politiker, Unternehmen, Strategien

Was zeichnet erfolgreiche Unternehmer bzw. Unternehmen aus? Welche Strategien führen zum Erfolg? Welche Eigenschaften muss man als erfolgreicher Manager oder Unternehmer besitzen? Es gibt kein Geheimrezept, nach dem man vorgeht und alles wird gut. Manche Menschen eilen von Erfolg zu Erfolg und andere scheitern grandios an ähnlichen Herausforderungen. Erfolg wird meist bestimmt von spezifischen persönlichen Eigenschaften, den passenden Herangehensweisen und Strategien und natürlich oft auch vom nötigen Quentchen Glück. Nachfolgend einige interessante Bücher, aus denen sich jeder Leser individuell ein paar...

Project order – Project order clarification

A precise project order clarification is the basis for a successful project implementation and an important measure to prevent later turbulences in the project. The result, the project order, is the prerequisite for the official start of every project - or at least it should be. The project order is to be seen as a contract between the project manager and the project client, which both regulates the cooperation and ensures that both have the same goals in mind. The initial...
Anforderungen an einen Projektleiter

Requirements for a project manager

The success of a project depends on the qualification of the project manager. Nowadays the individual personality profile of a project manager is at the centre of attention, because approx. 80% of all projects do not fail due to high technical requirements, but due to the lack of social competence of the project manager. In the past, project managers were regarded as technical experts who had to solve a technical problem. Today's project managers, on the other hand, bear the...

Work package – Work package description

Work packages serve to reduce the complexity of large-scale projects. In order to structure the dimensions of a project and make them manageable, it is absolutely necessary to create a project structure plan. The individual subtasks in the work breakdown structure are called work packages. The Initial Situation With the help of the Work Breakdown Structure, a project becomes clear and editable, but this usually contains only the meta information of the tasks to be completed: Who does what by when. That's...
Checkliste Projektabschluss

Project Closure – Finish Projects Correctly

Everything has an end. Also every project. At least it should. And in such a way that everyone knows it and that as many people as possible are satisfied with it. In order to achieve a clean project completion, a lot of activities are necessary, which do not happen by themselves, but have to be planned and controlled just like everything else. Project closure is as much a part of the project as any other project phase. As with project...

Project organization – function and roles in the project

A project is a temporary organization and therefore also needs its own project organization in which the structures, hierarchies and communication channels in the project are regulated. The boundaries between project and line must be clearly defined in order to be able to act efficiently both in the line and in the project. The number of projects and the number of employees involved in projects is constantly growing. A scarcity of resources is a well-known accompaniment to project work, since...
IT Management

Die besten Bücher: IT-Management

Unter IT-Management versteht man die gesamtheitliche Steuerung der IT in einem Unternehmen. Dazu zählen unter anderem, die Ausrichtung der IT an den Bedürfnissen der Gesamtorganisation und den Kunden, die strategische Ausrichtung der IT, sowie das Controlling aller relevanten IT-Kennzahlen. Professionelles und erfolgreiches IT-Management ist zu einem wichtigen Erfolgsfaktor in allen Unternehmen geworden. Folgende Bereiche werden durch das IT-Management behandelt: IT-Service-Management (die IT als Dienstleister und deren Ausrichtung gegenüber den internen und externen Kunden) IT-Ressourcen-Management (Steuerung aller eingesetzten Mittel: Hardware, Software, Personal) ...
Wahrnehmung im Alltag

Roles and responsibilities in projects

Actually, one should think, the whole thing is quite simple: at the beginning of the project a project organization is defined, everyone gets his role(s) and with it his responsibility(s) assigned and thus everyone knows what to do and the work, respectively the project, runs. Or is it perhaps not so simple after all? Purpose of a project organization The establishment of an own project organization deviating from the line is an essential element in the starting phase of a...


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